Stuck at Home? No Problem!

This is a scary time… working with our dogs is not only good for them, but it can be a huge stress reliever for us.  This page is dedicated to providing educational resources to you…


Here you’ll find links to Training Blogs, Training Skills & Drills, free resources & more!

Targeted training skills – Blogs!

I have started a new blog series focused on building critical skills.  Some of these skills you can do at home.  Some of them may require training in an outdoor area.  Please make sure that you stay responsible! ….  more coming soon!!

Training Series: Horizontally Layered Hides

Ok! Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and safe. As promised, here is the next installment of my FREE Training Series which I'm publishing in order to give everyone something to train while we wait for this crisis to pass. In this installment, we will explore...

Training Series: Improving Sourcing Skills

The whole world is in a crisis... Trials, at least in the very near future, are being cancelled. It's truly terrifying, especially for those of us who are high-risk ourselves or have loved ones who are. Nosework is by design, a sport that allows for social distancing....

Free Webinar!

Conquering the Challenges of Training Nosework at Home… orignally recorded January 22, 2019… now available FREE! (Obviously avoid retail areas as mentioned at the 1:19:00 marker and be safe!)

More free stuff coming soon!!  I have SO many ideas!!


More resources if the free stuff isn’t enough to keep you busy!


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