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Coaching Community

Do you like Exclusive help and access to a supportive, personal community? Join Stacy for an immersive group.

The Scentsabilities Nosework Coaching Community is available on a subsciption basis for $39/month.

Subscription Benefits!

All educational material is located in a Super Secret Facebook Group. Access FREE Exclusive Discussions on a Topic of the Month, monthly Q&A Sessions, Video Review Sessions, Search Area and Strategy Reviews, and More! Once you subscribe, you will be invited to the Facebook Group. No drama, just learning!

The Way it Works…

Your subscription auto-renews on the date that you sign up.  You can cancel at any time by simply messaging me.  While you are a member, you can access all previous months content.  Each month, we pick a topic and do a Q&A on that topic.  You then have an option to submit a 2:30 minute video for review at the end of the month.  We also usually have 2 General Q&A’s per month where we talk about what YOU want to talk about….  and 2 or 3 Virtual Walkthrough Reviews where we talk through hide behavior and search strategies, targeting searches that our members have done.  We pick walkthroughs at the NW3 and Elite levels.  All meetings are done over Zoom and recorded so that members who can’t make it Live can still benefit.  Our membership is comprised of handlers of all levels from all over the world.  It’s a close-knit, intimate, and personalized group that emphasizes COACHING and SUPPORT.  There is ZERO drama where handlers are encouraged to participate according to their own personal needs.

When you click the Subscribe button…

The subscription to the community is handled through PayPal.  Once you click Subscribe, you will receive an email with a link to our Super Exclusive Facebook.  Click JOIN.  At that point, I will verify your subscription, approve you, and post a personalized welcome!  Once you gain access, you will see the monthly calendar posted with pre-selected event dates.  Most of what we schedule is during the week.  A majority is scehduled for weekend evenings (US time) although I try to make sure that one or two events per month and scheduled earlier in the day in order to accomodate our European friends.  The days we meet vary as I work them around my own personal schedule.


I hope to see you there soon!!