AKc Scent work Judge, International clinician, top competitor, and FDSA Instructor

Stacy Barnett
Stacy Barnett, founder of Scentsabilities Nosework, is an avid and successful competitor as well as a talented instructor.  Stacy is available both online and in person. Online classes are available through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Stacy also holds weekly webinars and is available in person for seminars worldwide.
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Online Classes through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Classes are geared towards all levels of competitors, regardless of your venue of choice! Come see why Stacy’s FDSA classes receive consistent accolades.

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Webinars for hobbyists and competitors

Tuesday is webinar day!  Topics run the gamut and are a popular augment to every Nosework handler’s education. See also for special events!

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International Seminars and Special Events

Stacy is a popular clinician and travels across the US and abroad teaching Nosework!  Currently booking 2020 engagements.

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Learn about Nosework on the blog and podcast

Want access to free educational resources? Read Stacy’s blog and listen to her podcast.

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What is Nosework?

Nosework is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the world.  It’s modeled after real world detection.

In Nosework, your dog searches for essential oils, usually on cotton swab.  You may search inside buildings, out in the open, boxes and luggage, on vehicles and even buried in the ground!  Every search is different and exciting. This is a timed sport where the dog’s skill and handling come together.

Nosework is a sport that every dog and handler can do.  It’s a great way to focus hyper dogs and calm nervous dogs.  You will be surprised how Nosework can build confidence. Plus it’s FUN!

What can it do for your dog?

Engage his brain

Did you know that 1/8th of your dog’s brain is dedicated to olfaction?  Nosework engages the whole canine brain in ways that your dog loves.

Build Confidence

Doing Nosework the right way builds confidence biologically and soothes the canine brain.  It can build confidence and reduce fear-based reactivity.

Build Your Bond

There is nothing so beautiful as a handler working lockstep with a scenting dog. Your dog will love spending time with you doing Nosework!

Upcoming Webinars

Developing the Essential Elements of Focus in Nosework

Oct 15st, 2019 @ 9:30 PM ET

Do you wish your searches were ONLY about finding target odor? Focus is the key and is the most critical foundational piece of FLOW.

Our dogs have three choices when searching. They can either focus on the environment (squirrels and dog pee!), they can focus on YOU (hey mom or dad, where do YOU think the hide is?), or they can focus on the search. Even if your dog is completely comfortable with searching, your dog may not be focused. Learn how to establish Focus in a searching context.

This webinar will give you an understanding of:

  • What IS Focus in Nosework and what does it actually look like?
  • What are the pieces that need to be put into place in order for Focus to be possible?
  • What should a training session look like if you want to develop a Focused Nosework dog?
  • How do you remediate the chronically unfocused search dog?
  • And more!

In a later webinar, we will cover a really cool concept of FLOW…. this webinar contains essential information if you want to truly develop FLOW.

Remember that if you can’t attend live, you will get the recording in your In Box after the fact… but you HAVE to pre-register!

For more FAQ’s about my webinars, please check out:


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“I will seek out Stacy again. I so enjoyed her teaching style and sharing her experiences really helps prepare you. I feel I have a good plan and much better understanding of what we need to succeed at the higher levels of NoseWork.”

“Stacy is so organized - works individually with each dog at the stage they are at -lots of positive feedback and helpful critiques. Love how she breaks complex ideas down into the parts and has us practice each of the parts before putting them together into the whole exercise.”

“Another phenomenal six weeks!!! Class after class Stacy brings out the best in everyone and provides detailed insight and feedback. She ensures success and encourages her students to challenge themselves while building confidence.”


Training Philosophy

Stacy structures everything around her Pyramid: The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation.  Confidence and Motivation are sacred. Emotions can be trained. Arousal is a habit. These are core concepts of what she teaches.