Taking you and your dog to new heights!

Intro to Nosework


Are you interested in Nosework but don’t know where to start?

Does odor handling and getting organized feel overwhelming?

Do you want to try Nosework but there are no local classes?

Are you confused by all of the advice on the internet telling you how to start?

For Dogs of All Ages

Yes you can start your puppy! We use conflict free and easy ways of stimulting hunting and learning.  Perfect for the older dog too!

Easy to Train at Home

You can do ALL of the work for this class at home. Perfect for hot weather, busy owners, or more sensitive dogs!

Start on Odor Day 1

This class teaches you to handle your odor and set hides so that your dog can LEARN.  And it’s EASY!  Your dog learns hunting AND odor!

Clean and Clear Training

Learn how to develop timing and CLEAN skills so that your dog learns rapidly and effortlessly.

I teach this Six Week class only twice a year!

Registration Opens January 22 for February 1 Start

You, your dog, an inquiring mind are at the start of a whole new world of opportunity. In this course you will learn the foundations of nosework in an inexpensive and easy way.  Don’t get lulled into watching YouTubes videos and thinking that just putting a dog on odor is the foundation to this sport.  Foundations include timing, handling, hunting, clarity, and mechanics.  You can’t get that on YouTube.  This class gets you working EFFECTIVELY with your dog with the ability to ask questions and get feedback so that you can set yourself up for longterm success.

I will teach you how to get your dog hunting, without needing to lure them with food.  I will help you learn how to reward your dog effectively in order to create maximum motivation and understanding.  You will learn odor basics and how to start to interpret your dog’s searching behavior.  You will learn how to avoid box smashing from the very start!  

I have literally trained MANY HUNDREDS of teams using this method with success across all breeds and types.  Yes, I am even talking about dogs with low food interest or fear of new environments!  I am also talking about the aspiring competitor, because I compete and judge myself!  Learn from someone who KNOWS how to be successful in the sport and who has taught others to be successful too!

This course isn’t just about the dog…. It’s also about developing a strong and competent nosework handler. Handling in Nosework is a PARTNERSHIP. To be a good partner, you need to understand your dog’s nose and his scenting skills. You also need to have a good foundation in the science of scent. You need the basics of “reading your dog” and the basics of good handling. You will build all of these skills!

Whether your goal is to have an amazing competitive nosework dog, to build confidence or to just have some sniffing fun, this course is for you!

This course is suitable for all dogs and puppies of all ages. No prior scenting experience is necessary.

This has been a great class. The lectures were easy to follow, and even though I was only at the bronze level, I still have great confidence that with a little more proofing in distracting environments, my dog will have no problems completing an odor recognition test. All of the exercises were straightforward, nicely demoed, and something I could easily do. I really enjoyed this class, and cannot wait to take the next level!

This course was recommended to us as part of a rehab program for my dog who had surgery and needed a lot of crate rest and quiet time. Best thing we could have done ! We found a new sport that we love and will continue to take other nosework classes here. Outstanding individual attention from the instructor and an incredibly dynamic group of students, with lots of positive energy. Great way to strengthen your relationship with your dog and tap into their natural skills ! Loved it ! 

One of the best online courses I have taken. The material provided was helpful, but best of all was looked after by the teacher. She provided feedback really fast and comprehensive. Thanks a lot, looking forward to the next course, you got me and my dog hooked on Nosework!

My dogs have developed good, independent hunting skills as well as value to stay at source. They are confidently completing container and interior searches. Now we are working on transitioning to ORT boxes. I look forward to the next level of nosework classes!

Easy and Flexible

  • Six Weeks of Lectures that remain in your Library for at least a year!
  • Lectures are written with sample videos
  • Log in on YOUR TIME and learn at YOUR PACE
  • Class starts at only $65 for 6 weeks
  • Scholarships available for those who need it
  • Learn on the largest and most successful online dog training platform in the world (Fenzi Dog Sports Academy)

World Class Instruction

Stacy has trained all breeds all over the world in the sport of Nosework. She is the first and only handler in the country to have put multiple Summit titles on three dogs, and has handled a variety of breeds and types herself!

Is this a "Food Searching" class?

No.  We have no need to search for food.  You can get just as much motivation by learning how to reward effectively and by building the skills in small pieces…  which the clear lectures will help you to do!

Do classes meet at certain time?

No!  The lectures are available 24/7.  The lectures are combination of text and video and you retain access for at least a year.  Go at your own pace and get help and support along the way!

Can I get feedback or ask questions?

Absolutely!  There are three levels of registration.  Feedback is available at all sign-up levels.  Stacy is available for intensive feedback for Gold Level students.

Can I preview a lecture?

Sure! Head on over to the registration page and check out the Sample Lecture!

What if I can't afford $65?

I get it!  Times are tough! Fenzi Dog Sports Academy offers generous scholarships that are easy to apply for.  A scholarship cuts the cost in half.  You can apply for a Scholarship through August 10 here: Scholarship Info

Take this class and get your dog searching Interiors and Containers confidently in only 6 weeks!