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WW322: Aug 14- Building Nosework Skills: The Inaccessible Hide Due to Reach

Lecture Release: August 14, 2022

NOTE: This is a workshop hosted by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Registration and attendance will be managed though FDSA.

Working Spot – $39.95. Working participants will submit a short video (approx. 90 seconds) for instructor feedback. Limited number of spots available.

Auditors – $29.95. Unlimited number of spots available. Will receive access to all materials, but will not receive personalized instructor feedback.

Registration opens at 9:00 am Pacific Time on March 22, 2022

Registration closes at 12:00 pm (noon) Pacific Time on April 30, 2022

Inaccessible hides don’t need to be scary! You don’t need to avoid training them. In this workshop series, we will explore HOW to train these skills.

This workshop will focus on the Inaccessible Hide Due to Reach. Inaccessible Due to Reach hides are hides that are not closed off to the environment, but the dog still can’t get to source. A good example would be a hide in stack of pallets… the hide still produces a scent cone a large as an accessible hide, however the ability to call these hides in competition really rests on communication.

There are two important aspects to training this skill… working the “Deep Accessible” hide which strengthens sourcing skills and resilience, and timing of the marker. We will cover the steps to introduce and fine tune your marker use in order to really give your dog a leg up in working these hides!

Specific topics of the lecture portion will include:

– The concept in using drive to source behavior for this type of hide
– Building drive to source behavior with “Deep Accessible” hides
– Recognition and understanding of the behavior that your dog will show you with these hides
– Concept behind timing of the marker
– Do you want a final response in this case?
– Applying drive to source to Inaccessible Due to Reach