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WW274: Dec.5- The Art of Timing the Alert Call: Inaccessible and Elevated Hides in Competition

Lecture Release: December 5th, 2021

NOTE: This is a workshop hosted by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Registration and attendance will be managed though FDSA.

Working Spot – $39.95. Working participants will submit a short video (approx. 90 seconds) for instructor feedback. Limited number of spots available.

Auditors – $29.95. Unlimited number of spots available. Will receive access to all materials, but will not receive personalized instructor feedback.

Registration opens at 9:00 am Pacific Time on Nov 22, 2021

Registration closes at 12:00 pm (noon) Pacific Time on Dec 31, 2021

This workshop is about being CONFIDENT in calling Alert on Inaccessible or High Hides in Competition!

Did you know that there is an optimal time to call Alert? Sure, it may seem straightforward… but it’s only straightforward when you are sourcing straightforward hides! As the hides get more challenging, the Alert call in competition or in a blind situation becomes a risk assessment rather than just waiting for the dog to alert. The handler has to evaluate the information that the dog is giving and then make a judgement call. The timing of that judgement call requires an assessment of behavior of the dog, an evaluation of the search area, and an overall sense of risk and tolerance for a fringe call.

In this workshop we will decompose dog search behavior and evaluate the thinking process necessary to go into a call and will practice deciding WHEN we can comfortably call an inaccessible or elevated hide while still remaining fast and efficient.