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WW259: Sept 19- Multiple Hides and the Spaces Between

Lecture Release: September 19th, 2021

NOTE: This is a workshop hosted by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Registration and attendance will be managed though FDSA.

Working Spot – $39.95. Working participants will submit a short video (approx. 90 seconds) for instructor feedback. Limited number of spots available.

Auditors – $29.95. Unlimited number of spots available. Will receive access to all materials, but will not receive personalized instructor feedback.

Registration opens at 9:00 am Pacific Time on Aug 22, 2021

Registration closes at 12:00 pm (noon) Pacific Time on Sept 30, 2021

There is WAY more to working and training with multiple hides than simply setting out a second hide. How you train and handle will have a huge impact on your dog’s ability to find all of the hides now and going forward, and will set the course for working converging odor in the future.

Successful multiple hide searches look like this…
• The dog clearly understands that the first hide is done and out of play
• The handler understands when and how to release body pressure in order to avoid conflict
• The dog re-engages with the search without latency, meaning that the dog starts to search immediately after the reward for the first hide

To do this, we have to train the dog’s expectation and the handler’s skill. We have to be thoughtful with our hide placements and communication. Ultimately, with thoughtful training, the transition between the hides gets easy and paves the way for easy application to closer or more challenging setups.

This workshop will give you the understanding of HOW to train (and handle!) multiple hides in a conflict free manner and with confidence!

Watch the Trailer: