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As a long standing member of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy faculty, Stacy offers webinars, workshops, and participates in other FDSA sponsored events. You can find more information here!

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WW216: Jan 31 – Building Commitment to Odor with 3D Searching

January 31, 2021

NOTE: This is a workshop hosted by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Registration and attendance will be managed though FDSA. Registration opens JANUARY 22nd!

Lecture Publish Date: Sunday January 31
Video Submissions Due Date: Sunday Feb 7 @ 12pm noon PT
Feedback & Questions Video Publish Date: Wednesday February 10

We can use 3 Dimensional Elements in our searches to encourage our dogs to go OVER, UNDER, THROUGH, and AROUND as they spatially solve the odor problem. Not only does this build incredible problem-solving skills, but it also increases the dog’s commitment to odor and understanding of source. Dogs who are tentative in searching or who “fringe” alert by alerting nearby but not close enough to source will increase their confidence and drive to source. Dogs who get bored easily or lose focus easily will benefit by increasing their interest level and engagement. This workshop is about creating fun ways to utilize what you have at home or obstacles that you can find away from home in a way that gives you a powerful new tool in your toolbox!

This workshop will cover different setups including interim progressions that might help lower confidence dogs and utilization of obstacles that you might find on the road. Hide placement in a 3 Dimensional context will also be covered. Join Stacy in this workshop to flex your new 3 Dimensional Skills!

Here’s a trailer for the lecture!

Click here for Workshop FAQS: https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/index.php/22304


Building Blowing Odor Skills to Improve Sourcing

March 18, 2021 @ 6 PM ET

NOTE: This is a webinar hosted by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Registration and attendance will be managed though FDSA.

Fee: $19.95 – Registration required PRIOR to scheduled presentation time.

One of the biggest pieces of the Sourcing Skills puzzle is the ability to react to odor and drive in to source. As the dog moves up the levels, the challenges get more intense. Not only does the dog need to learn how to drive into source, but the dog also needs to be able to problem solve quickly. In this webinar, we will cover exercises that you can easily set up in order to help your dog understand how to work odor efficiently. Building these skills will help your dog to become faster and more accurate at finding the hide.