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Scentsabilities Podcast


Developing Confidence in the Nosework Dog

Why, Stacy’s Mini Aussie, went from not being able to search 3 boxes in his front yard to earning Overall Pronounced at his NW2. His transformation is nothing short of amazing, and it’s entirely possible to replicate. In this Podcast, Stacy Barnett will talk about how to instill Confidence in the Nosework dog through careful training and trialing strategies.

Clarity in Training and Odor Hygiene

We all want an amazing Nosework / Scent Work dog, right?  In this episode we will talk about Odor Hygiene and what we need to do in order to maintain our own training and to ensure that we are being good Nosework Citizens.  Learn about residual odor and how to minimize it so that it doesn’t sabotage your odor obedience!

Yes, but does your dog trust YOU?

We all hear the adage “Trust Your Dog”…  this is perhaps the most misused phrase in canine sporting detection.  More importantly, does your dog trust YOU?