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Stacy teaches several classes each session through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). Classes at FDSA start the 1st of every other month, with registration available approximately a week in advance.

The next session starts October 1st, 2021 Registration will open September 22nd.

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N120S: NW120 – Introduction to NW Search Elements


NW340: The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation


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NW465: Making the Inaccessible Hide Easy              


Registration Opens SEPT 22nd

Class Runs OCT.  1 – DEC. 11

Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

N120S: NW120 – Introduction to NW Search Elements

NOTE: NW120S has been restructured in order to allow students from NW101 to catch up as needed with the help of either the Instructor (for Gold Spots) or the Teaching Assistant (for Silver & Bronze Spots). Dogs generally pick up and understand Nosework on different learning curves due to a variety of reasons. This restructured approach accommodates these differences with a goal of getting all teams to the same general level of competency by the end of this course.

ALSO NOTE: Due to COVID-19, Novel Interiors will be OPTIONAL.

In this class we will develop and expand on our dog’s hunting skills, first starting in Interiors and then moving into Exteriors. We will heavily utilize ROUTINE and contextual cues in order to help the dog to generalize on their skills. Once we have established basic fluency in searching, we will utilize pattern training through hide placement in order to simultaneously introduce vehicles and teach the skill of wrapping around the vehicle. In the final week, we will shift focus to work on Containers and introduce Buried Hides. The understanding of odor and history of passive indications will help the dog to be immediately successful on Containers while minimizing the potential for destructive Container behavior. AKC Buried hides will be introduced although fluency is not expected in Week 6.

In addition to leveling the learning curves of different dogs, this approach is meant to capitalize on the dog’s motivation for hunting. This approach maximizes good feelings that come from triggering the Seeking System with “Hunting” and delaying “Selection” type elements such as Containers and Buried.

This class is suitable for all students coming out of NW101 provided that at least a little progress was made as well as being suitable for students from prior NW101 classes who may not have started NW120 or who need a refresher in introducing the elements.

Students coming from NW101 who need a little bit of catch-up can expect new lectures to help them with basic fundamentals which have been developed by assessing the general needs as observed in the Student Study Group and Gold Forums from NW101. Those who are farther along on the learning curve will be able to hit the ground running with a generalization approach that has been developed to make searching new places seamless.

Coming out of this class, students will have the foundations necessary to begin to prepare for Odor Recognition Tests (ORT’s) and low level competitive classes.

Long-term success in this sport hinges on a solid foundation and good searching and hide setting habits. This course will get you going in the RIGHT DIRECTION. Teams using Nosework for therapeutic reasons or without competitive goals will appreciate the structures approach that is based on emotional support for the dog and FUN!

NOTE: This class will offer a Teaching Assistant (TA) who will be available to Silver and Bronze students in the Study Group. FDSA TA’s will answer questions and review videos in the Student Study Group.

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Registration Opens SEPT 22nd

Class Runs OCT.  1 – DEC. 11

Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

NW340: The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation

What are the Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation? Quite simply they are: Confidence, Motivation, Skills and Stamina. This is the “secret sauce” to developing a successful Nosework teammate. Depending on the level that we are preparing for, our emphasis on the cornerstones change. Typically, if a team is having troubles at a certain level, most definitely it’s a deficit in one of the cornerstones.

Before we embark on our journey of trial preparation, we need to first and foremost address CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION. These are two basics that will form the backbone of a successful team. Is your dog’s core confidence there to search a novel environment? Is your dog confident in his training? Does he work independently with JOY? Is your dog excited to work? Does your dog LOVE to work in novel locations? You can imagine if the answers to any of these question is no, just how hard trial preparation will be!

SKILLS and STAMINA are just as critical and build on CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION. Does your dog work through a new challenge without fear of failure? Are you able to train new skills without over-facing your dog? Does your dog get mentally or physically fatigued in training?

This class is a Prequel to NW350 but can be taken at any time. This class is especially helpful for sensitive, environmental or reactive dogs. It’s also heavily suitable for any green dog or a more experienced dog who lacks confidence or motivation.

The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation. I came up with the cornerstones when thinking about what is REALLY necessary for a successful Nosework team. So often, classes focus only on skills. That’s great except that it’s only one aspect of success. I decided that I needed to teach a class that shored up a team’s foundations with really solid basics (not necessarily skills) as a pre-cursor to trial preparation.

In this class we are going to systematically move through the cornerstones in the order that you need them to prepare for trialing. CONFIDENCE… MOTIVATION… SKILLS… and STAMINA… These cornerstones act like a Pyramid with the most important and foundational aspects at the bottom.

In fact, as you move up the levels, emphasis on each cornerstone changes, and the levels assume that you have built a good foundation. Working on these aspects is what allows a Nosework dog to title and be successful, moving up the levels.

So you can see that at NW1…. there really is very little emphasis on skills! Your dogs know how to find a single hide… that’s all that is necessary. The initial skills you need are developed before you do your ORT… after the dog recognizes odor and understands the basic skill of hunting, you have what you need. What you need to develop to prepare for NW1 is Confidence and Motivation.

As you move into NW2, your dog should already have Confidence… at this point you need a little more drive and motivation in order to make time and you need enhanced skills. You need to be able to source inaccessibles and work multiple hides.

At NW3, the emphasis starts to shift to Skills and Stamina. From a Skills perspective, your dog needs to build on the NW2 skills with a greater emphasis on converging odor and elevation. And…. you need more Stamina because at this level you now have 6 searches.

At the Elite Division, emphasis on Motivation, Skills and Stamina are especially emphasized. Motivation is critical since the dog will have to do Speed Searches (very tight times related to the number of hides). Skills come heavily into play because of the creativity in hide placement (I’ve seen hides as high as 13 feet in the air). Stamina is critical because some searches can last up to 7:00.

So you see, if you train more than Skills, you can be especially successful!

In this course we will cover Skills and Stamina however our emphasis will be on Confidence and Motivation.

NOTE: This class will offer a Teaching Assistant (TA) who will be available to Silver and Bronze students in the Study Group. FDSA TA’s will answer questions and review videos in the Student Study Group.

Registration Opens SEPT 22nd

Class Runs OCT.  1 – DEC. 11

Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

NW465: Making the Inaccessible Hide Easy

Inaccessible hides require the handler and dog to demonstrate increased trust and communication in order to call alert confidently. Being sure enough to call Alert gets more and more challenging the deeper or the higher the hide is. Imagine being confident enough to KNOW where the hide is located! This class will build on the dog’s sourcing and communication skills and will give the handler the confidence in reading the dog and calling Alert for all types of Inaccessible hide.

This class is built on a foundation of sourcing and driving to source. The first few weeks reinforce the dog’s belief that all hides can be sourced if they work hard enough. At the same time, we will work on the handler timing of the marker (which coincides with the timing of the Alert call) so that the dog is encouraged to continue to drive in rather than pull away from the hide.

The last few weeks of class will be focused on working the 3 types of inaccessible hides (reach, elevation, and containment). We will discuss air flow considerations specific to each type of inaccessible hide and will set up varying challenges that leverage both thermal and air pressure changes that can makes these sorts of hide particularly challenging.

The premise of this class is a strong foundation in driving into source and the subsequent application to inaccessible hides that makes inaccessible hides easy to read and call.

NOTE: This class will offer a Teaching Assistant (TA) who will be available to Silver and Bronze students in the Study Group. FDSA TA’s will answer questions and review videos in the Student Study Group.


Future Classes

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Self Study Classes

Learn at your own pace with Self Study Classes!  You get all the lectures and example videos from the original course all for only $50

Learn WHY your dog might be smashing boxes and learn HOW to fix it.

This class will lead you through diagnosis of your box smashing problem and then will give you the necessary steps to address the CORE ISSUE.

This class is designed with written assignments and thought provoking questions that students will use to discuss how to PLAN AND RUN a successful in person Nosework class.

PLEASE NOTE: This class will NOT teach how to teach Nosework… we have other classes for that! In fact, this class will be methodology agnostic… please feel free to participate regardless of your methods for introducing odor.

This self-study option is a series of three recorded webinars that work together. There are no written lectures. Webinars include:

  • The Single Hide
  • Multiple Hides
  • Blank Areas