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Stacy teaches several classes each session through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). Classes at FDSA start the 1st of every other month, with registration available approximately a week in advance.

The next session starts August 1st, 2019 and registration will open July 22nd.

Classes this Session

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NW101 Introduction to Odor

NW230 Polishing Skills for NW2 & NW3

NW480 Searching Strategies: A Roadmap to Success


Registration Opens JUL. 22nd

Class Runs AUG.  1 -SEP. 11

Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

NW101 Introduction to Odor

Want to continue the Nosework fun? Then this class is for you!

Nosework is easily the hottest new sport around, and it’s easy to see why! It’s fun for humans, dogs love to participate, and it’s good for building confidence and focus in dogs that have issues like shyness, reactivity, aggression, or a simple lack of confidence. Any dog can participate; from puppies to very old or retired dogs. In a matter of weeks, you’ll see your dog confidently ignoring distractions and focusing on the target scent; and by the end of the course, many of the dogs will be ready to compete for their ORT.

This course is unique in that your dog will NOT learn to search for food; instead, we use the proven training method that produces the nation’s top drug and bomb detection dogs! Our backchaining method is effective on almost all dogs, from insecure and unfocused dogs to highly driven and intense workers. The proof is in the pudding; dogs going through only one or two levels of our courses are earning their ORT and NW titles in record time! Even if your dog has failed using other methods, we can help you succeed!

In this class, you will learn about the basic concepts in searching for odor, proper use of equipment, how to handle odor, how to make and place hides, and how to teach your dog the importance of odor obedience. You will also learn how to make the search for scent extremely important to your dog.

Note: This class WILL use a Teaching Assistant in the Facebook study group. If this is important to you then please read the directions in the discussion forum of this class for how to join after you register.

    Registration Opens JUL. 22nd

    Class Runs AUG. 1 – SEP. 11

    Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

    NW230 Polishing Skills for NW2 & NW3


    NOTE: This class WILL emphasize training needs resulting from the revised NACSW rulebook for 2020 inculding Blank Search Areas

    Want to take your Nosework skills to the next level?

    This is the fourth skill building course in our Nosework curriculum and will build on the skills acquired in our previous classes. This class is appropriate for any team wishing to polish the more advanced skills of Nosework. Although our curriculum starts dogs on odor using Operant Conditioning, the subsequent classes are suitable for teams regardless of how you train.

    This class will take your NW2 and NW3 skills to the next level. We will challenge you with topics such as:

    • advanced containers, proofing for distractions and working with luggage
    • converging odor from multiple hides
    • accessible vs. inaccessible hides
    • how to assess if a hide is inaccessible and when to call alert
    • how to deal with inaccessible vehicle hides
    • setting up advanced scent puzzles and improving detailing skills
    • dealing with hide elevation
    • building search stamina
    • generalization, generalization, generalization
    • blank areas: Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles and Containers!

    This class will have a Teaching Assistant available in the Facebook discussion group to help the bronze and silver students with assistance! Directions for joining can be found in the classroom after you register under the FABULOUS Fenzi Resourses thread.



    Registration Opens JUL. 22nd

    Class Runs AUG. 1 – SEP. 11

    Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

    NW480 Searching Strategies: A Roadmap for Success

    This class is all about a ROADMAP TO SUCCESS…. What does that mean? It means that we will delve into how to build an outstanding search dog and then how to trial effectively. This class has been developed so that you can figure out how NOT to struggle through the levels and how NOT to get stuck without reaching your team’s potential.

    We will start with an emphasis on Foundations. Advanced teams take note! If you are struggling, it’s possible that something is missing here… I would be remiss in developing this class without level setting on what Foundations really are. Unfortunately, the word “Foundations” has become a bit of a Buzz Word…. Meaning it gets tossed around but people don’t always know it’s full and deep meaning.

    Then the class turns toward the crafting of the search dog based on the dog’s needs. How do we train effectively? How do we make sure that we are building our dogs through laser targeted training approaches rather than one size fits all?

    Moving along we will start to focus on the balance between dog and handler. This marks the evolution of the team and starts to define true teamwork. This part of the class is all about bringing those pieces together so that you are truly supportive…. Neither dominating the decisions nor abdicating your role. Here we work on balancing on the tightrope of teamwork.

    Finally, the class will shift focus to competition. The really cool part about this sport is that no search is ever the same. That is both exciting and challenging because it requires a truly thinking handler. You not only have to read the dog and adapt your handling, but you also need to learn how to read a search area! Walkthroughs are one of the most under-utilized tools at your disposal! Read the search area and learn how to plan your search and ADAPT as needed!

    This class is really best suited for two groups of students:

    NW2/NW3 handlers (and equivalent in other organizations)…. These concepts may make or break your ability to get through these levels effectively…. And will set you up for success in the higher levels!

    Elite/Summit handlers… your searches are the most variable! And your dog new to Elite is still actually pretty “green” all things considered. Are you working through Elite with an eye towards Summit and what you need to develop to get there? This class will help you!

    There is a lot of Gold here!!

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