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Stacy teaches several classes each session through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). Classes at FDSA start the 1st of every other month, with registration available approximately a week in advance.

The next session starts Dec. 1st, 2018 and registration will open Nov 22nd.

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Building Blocks of Nosework –   Before Odor


The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation


Nosework Challenges Series 3 (Elevation)


Registration Opens NOV. 22nd

Class Runs Dec.  1 – Jan.  11

Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

Building Blocks of Nosework – Before Odor

You, your dog, an inquiring mind and the start of a whole new world of opportunity. In this course you will learn the foundations of nosework even before you ever introduce odor. This course has been designed to perfectly position your dog to be able to leapfrog into the scenting world by providing skills, desire, confidence and motivation…. To the handler, this course provides the keys and knowledge to jumpstart into one of the fastest growing canine sports. This course requires little to no equipment, just a fascinated mind and the desire to do something fun with your best friend.

Did you know that your dog’s olfactory lobe is 1/8th of it’s brain? This course will let your canine partner USE his brain in ways that will stimulate, invigorate and enrich your dog’s life and ultimately your relationship with him.

At the same time you will learn how to prepare your dog or puppy so that when he DOES get on odor, everything will be easy…. He will already be ok working in new places. He will already be in the right arousal state. He will already know this his “special” routine. When you do introduce odor, after this course, the introduction will be seamless and easy… because you will have all the right FOUNDATIONS and CONCEPTS.

This course isn’t just about the dog…. It’s also about developing a strong and competent nosework handler. Handling in Nosework is a PARTNERSHIP. To be a good partner, you need to understand your dog’s nose and his scenting skills. You also need to have a good foundation in the science of scent. You need the basics of “reading your dog” and the basics of good handling. You will build all of these skills!

Whether your goal is to have an amazing competitive nosework dog, to build confidence or to just have some sniffing fun, this course is for you!

This course is suitable for all dogs and puppies of all ages. No prior scenting experience is necessary. Dogs who have been introduced to odor, but who need a little extra confidence may also benefit from this course. Quite simply, this course is not to be missed!

Registration Opens Nov. 22nd

Class Runs DEC. 1 – JAN. 11

Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation

What are the Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation?  Quite simply they are: Confidence, Motivation, Skills and Stamina.  This is the “secret sauce” to developing a successful Nosework teammate.  Depending on the level that we are preparing for, our emphasis on the cornerstones change.  Typically, if a team is having troubles at a certain level, most definitely it’s a deficit in one of the cornerstones.

Before we embark on our journey of trial preparation, we need to first and foremost address CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION.  These are two basics that will form the backbone of a successful team.  Is your dog’s core confidence there to search a novel environment?  Is your dog confident in his training?  Does he work independently with JOY?  Is your dog excited to work?  Does your dog LOVE to work in novel locations?  You can imagine if the answers to any of these question is no, just how hard trial preparation will be!

SKILLS and STAMINA are just as critical and build on CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION.  Does your dog work through a new challenge without fear of failure?  Are you able to train new skills without over-facing your dog?  Does your dog get mentally or physically fatigued in training?

The Four Cornerstones of Trial Preparation. I came up with the cornerstones when thinking about what is REALLY necessary for a successful Nosework team. So often, classes focus only on skills. That’s great except that it’s only one aspect of success. I decided that I needed to teach a class that shored up a team’s foundations with really solid basics (not necessarily skills) as a pre-cursor to trial preparation.

In this class we are going to systematically move through the cornerstones in the order that you need them to prepare for trialing. CONFIDENCE… MOTIVATION… SKILLS… and STAMINA… These cornerstones act like a Pyramid with the most important and foundational aspects at the bottom.

Registration Opens Nov. 22nd

Class Runs DEC. 1 – JAN. 11

Pricing begins at $65 for 6 weeks

Nosework Challenge Series 3 (Elevation)

This is the third in a series focused on Skill Building by working through a set of challenges each week.  We will stretch our skills and comfort zones using drills and exercises geared towards improving the Nosework team.  Each Nosework Challenges class is standalone so don’t fret if you missed an earlier one!  I basically just have more ideas than I know what to do with.

In general, the Nosework Challenges classes are not as dense as my other classes.  I do that on purpose!  You will be given a set of exercises each week to work through.

The challenges we will play with will give your dog specific puzzles to help build their natural capabilities.  Our dogs come to us as college grads in Olfaction…  through puzzles and challenges we help to turn them into Olfaction Rocket Scientists.

Although this is a Series, please remember that the classes DO NOT need to be taken in order.  I hope you can join me!!

The theme of Nosework Challenges Series 3 is ELEVATION!!

Elevation is just another type of Inaccessible hide…  however, because of the way scent works, it’s especially challenging.  We can’t train it by simply putting out a super high hide and throwing our dogs to the wolves…  Instead, we need to stretch our dogs in multiple dimensions with purpose.  In this course we will start with careful introduction and work our dogs up the scales.  Ultimately, with practice, our dogs will be able to source the highest of Elite hides.

Careful elevation work wouldn’t be complete without the lows.  Be prepared to also work ground hides in this class.  In doing so we can keep our dogs balanced in their training.

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