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Nothing There! Conquering the Blank Area

Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 @ 9:00 PM EST

Blank Areas are enough to strike fear into handlers’ hearts. This webinar will help you to confidently call FINISH.

Part of the transition to working unknown number of hides is learning how to clear areas. Part of clearing areas is knowing how to clear areas without odor. In fact, that’s the most critical PART of clearing an area!

In this webinar, we will address:

  • How blank areas are THEY KEY to understanding how to clear areas of unknown hides
  • How to introduce blank areas to your dog
  • Reward strategies for blank areas
  • What your dog is telling you when there is no odor
  • How do you know WHEN to call Finish in a blank area
  • Exercises to incorporate unproductive areas into your full searches in order to help increase your confidence in clearing large areas

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NEW!! Past webinar recordings for a select few topics are now available for purchase

 There are a few topics that I will likely not revisit but are VERY useful.  I’ve decided to make these recordings available for purchase on a trial basis.  Webinar recordings are taken from a past Live event.  Slides, videos and Q&A from the Live event are included.

Building the Multi Dimensional Nosework Dog

UP, OVER, UNDER, AROUND, and THROUGH… It’s all about 3 Dimensional Problem Solving! If your dog needs to build focus, confidence, or tenacity, this is an incredible may to build those skills. Plus, 3 Dimensional Searching brings to life your Sourcing training!

$25.00 payable via PayPal

Getting the RIGHT Focus (better labeled “Crazy Brilliant Focus”)

Does your dog focus ONLY on the search? Or on you or the environment? This webinar is about how to get the RIGHT focus.  Not only that, it’s about how to get CRAZY, BRILLIANT Focus through working within Flow Theory. Learn the elements of developing an intense focus from the start.

$25.00 payable via PayPal

Hide Placement Basics When you are Training at Home

Do you wonder HOW to place hides and what you need to consider when working at home? We will cover supplies & basic hide placement! When you purchase this webinar you will get BOTH the early AND the late airlings.  They are the same material but different questions were asked.

$25.00 payable via PayPal

The Nuts and Bolts of Scent Theory

Are you enthralled with Nosework and want to be more competitive or increase your Q rate? Understanding Scent Theory is critical! When we handle, we really are NOT just a “dope on a rope”…. knowing a little about Scent Theory will help you to set better hides, interpret your dog and work a search area more effectively!

$25.00 payable via PayPal

Training Handler Scent Discrimination

Are you interested in trying Handler Scent Discrimination in wither AKC or UKC but you don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you HAVE started and you’d like more complicated games to play. This webinar will cover both! Stacy will take you through how to train and master handler scent discrimination including covering the science of the human odor scent cone!

$25.00 payable via PayPal

Pee No More! Addressing Urination in Nosework Searches

Do you worry that your dog will pee in a search area and wreck your changes of qualifying? Do you have an intact dog and worry that he will “mark” while you try to search? In this webinar we will analyze what urine COB’s and sniffing looks like compared to target odor. We will also discuss what to do in the event of your dog marking during a training session and how to avoid the situation to begin with!

$25.00 payable via PayPal   

Box Smashers Anonymous

Box Antics!! Learn how to head box smashing off at the pass. Initial training and reformation will be discussed. Learn how to avoid box smashing and how to fix the issue once developed. Avoid those faults!!

$25.00 payable via PayPal   

Curious about what a Webinar Recording LOOKS like?  Take a look at a short clip taken from “Pee No More”.  Each webinar recording averages around 1.5 hours long!

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Do you struggle with what to buy for that special Nosework enthusiast?  Gift certificates are now available for purchase!  

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