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MINI WEBINAR: Keeping Your Bearings!

Wednesday September 21, 2022

Fee: $14.99

Short Learning Session! Just HOW do you keep track of what you’ve searched, alerted on, and where you have been?

About this event

If you are like me and have a short attention span but you want ALL the information, this format is for you. In this MINI WEBINAR (an hour total with Q&A), we will cover how keep track of your search area!

In the beginning, finding one hide doesn’t really require too much evaluation of your search area. Pretty soon though, you can be lost in a sea of containers, buried boxes, vehicles, or a confusing seach area! You CAN keep track of your hides and where you have searched…. this Mini Webinar will give you some tools that you can use!

Specifically, we will cover techniques to help you keep track of where you have been and what you have called alert on… and why it can be so hard!

I am experimenting with a shorter format webinar that is easy to fit into your schedule. This will not replace my normal 2 hour webinars! I do know though that it can be tough to carve out 2 hours of listening time to go deep into a topic… short format webinars will also go deep, however we will be focusing on a narrower topic. I know I personally struggle to stay mentally engaged while listening to someone else’s 2 hour webinar…. and I am hoping that this shorter format will be easily “digestible” for those of you who may have less time or a shorter attention span like myself!

Expect that the webinar, including Q&A will last about an hour. And of course it will be recorded!

NOTE: This is a short format webinar

Can’t attend live?

No problem! As long as you pre-register you will receive a link to the recording afterwards.

For more Webinar FAQ’s: https://scentsabilitiesnw.com/webinar-faq/

NOTE: When you sign-up for this webinar, the link to the LIVE webinar will now be available on your Eventbrite confirmation as well as in your email from AnyMeeting. If you don’t receive this information, please first check your Spam folder and then email me at severnswb@hotmail.com. After the webinar, I will email you a new link to view the recording… I will send this both via Eventbrite AND through my own email system. Please add severnswb@hotmail.com to your Safe Senders.

This recording will be uploaded to the Vimeo platform IN ADDITION TO only leaving it in AnyMeeting. I am doing this so that the replay is easier and more reliable. Please expect the recording links to be emailed within 24 hours. You will have one year to view the VIMEO recording. The AnyMeeting link will remain active as long as I use their platform and will not expire. Support will not be provided for AnyMeeting link playback, however you will have access to the VIMEO link for one year.

I’ve been giving webinars on Nosework and scent detection since 2017 back before webinars became cool… that is well over 150 successful webinars! My webinars are content rich… you will get actionable things that you can apply and the theory to back it up. Expect my webinars to be applicable to both new and experienced competitors (many are also appropriate for professional application). Q&A during the event is welcome for on topic questions!