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Recognizing and Leveraging Your Dog’s Natural Search Patterns

Wednesday January 19, 2022 @ 9:00 PM EST

Fee: $19.99 

Your dog will display consistent patterns when seeking and sourcing target odor. Leverage this insight for training and trialing!

About this event

Did you know that your dog will seek out odor and problem solve using a specific set of patterns? These patterns are partially genetic and partially a learned process of just doing what has worked in the past. When we sensitize ourselves to HOW our dog searches, we can make good training decisions and we can be more successful while working our dogs in blind situations and in competition.

We will cover some approaches to learning the patterns that your dog portrays. HOW do you recognize your dog’s personal patterns?

We will also watch some video examples of common “styles” and problem solving patterns that dogs might utilize.

Some common patterns we will cover:

  • Using vertical surfaces to gather information away from the hide
  • Working in to the hide briefly then working out to the edge of the scent cone in order to work back in and source
  • Clearing areas low first before investigating up
  • Working the perimeter first
  • Desire to work the search area from back to front
  • And many more!

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I’ve been giving webinars on Nosework and scent detection since 2017 back before webinars became cool… that is well over 150 successful webinars! My webinars are content rich… you will get actionable things that you can apply and the theory to back it up. Expect my webinars to be applicable to both new and experienced competitors (many are also appropriate for professional application). Q&A during the event is welcome for on topic questions!