Webinar Consortium Week: Jan 6-10, 2020

Five Nights – Five Experts

with Jacy Kelly, Cameron Ford, Holly Bushard, Bill Gaskins, and Tony Gravley

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This month I hosted the very first Webinar Consortium Week!

The week was INCREDIBLE…  but if you signed up late you were out of luck! For a short period of time I am offering for sale, the recordings from this fabulous event.  Although the time to purchase the recordings is limited, the links themselves don’t expire.

From Training to Trialing to Training: A Detector Dog’s Journey with Jacy Kelley

What makes a K9 Handler? What makes a team successful? In this webinar Jacy will be discussing the value of strong training for the teams from beginning to the most advanced teams. He will discuss milestones in training and when to move to the next step and when to go back and how to use foundation training to build strong and successful advanced searches. Every hide you set teaches your dog a skill, or degrades their training. You are the person with the most invested in your team, learn how to plan your training and get the most value of your training time.

Recording for Jacy Kelley’s Jan 6 webinar ($25 USD)

Building the Trust Momentum with Cameron Ford

Building the Trust Momentum is just like anything else with Trust, it is done step by step and builds with time. It requires you letting go and allowing the other half (in this case your dog) being able to work and navigate the various search problems.

In detection work it starts with communication and setting up basic and simple training situations which then builds on those foundations and getting more complex but also reading your dog and understanding what it can be telling you.

This is done doing the following steps:

  • Establish clear communication (build a marker that you choose)
  • Simple steps that allow for quick reinforcement
  • Build power to odor through adversities
  • Increase variables and change context of where odor is contained
  • Add distractor and proofing odors
  • Blank search (NO ODOR) what your dog shows you
  • Decrease what handler knows
  • Increase what dog has to search more variables and TIME
  • Controlled negative searches (unknown)
  • Single and double blind
  • Power of variable reward

Like anything else this is a journey and there is growth and set backs but following this formula and having PATIENCE will create great bond and search success!!

Recording for Cameron Ford’s Jan 7 webinar ($25 USD)

Maximized Potential: Strategies to increase speed and focus in lower drive dogs with Holly Bushard

Join us for fresh ideas to help enhance your dog’s searching speed and focus. Every game is designed to get your dog moving more eagerly into the search area and increase his or her focus on locating target odors. We will cover approximately 10 games and reinforcement strategies designed to complement each other in building search excitement. By returning to foundational skills, we can significantly amplify the playful, hunting-spirit of scent work games and bring out our dog’s best efforts. While this webinar is geared mostly for slower-moving dogs or dogs who have distraction issues, all teams can benefit from play and enrichment!

Recording for Holly Bushard’s Jan 8 webinar ($25 USD)

Applying the OODA Loop Decision Making Tool to How we Work Scent Detection Dogs with Bill Gaskins

This lesson is designed to teach the students the importance of situational awareness as detection dog handlers. This will be done using a crawl walk run method of instruction. The lesson will start with a discussion of the importance of Situational Awareness as dog teams. This will be illustrated through discussion of Coopers Colors of awareness states. We will also cover the importance of what we know and understand prior to approaching the start line. After discussing the importance of awareness states, we will discuss the Winthrop Theory as it applies to searching within the rules of sport scent detection. We will also discuss how training and past experience can have a negative transfer of learning to our trial day experience. This will be illustrated through as discussion of the Einstellung Effect. Finally we will discuss the OODA Loop and its application for Scent Detection teams.

Recording for Bill Gaskin’s Jan 9 webinar ($25 USD)


Using Hide Placement to Shape Vehicle Patterning with Tony Gravley

Vehicle Searches should be one of your Strongest Elements as there is no reason why you should ever stress as the moment your dog steps up to the starting line of the vehicle element he or she should instantly be in the game and through the power of science based training have all the mechanics to not only hug and wrap the vehicle but flow from one vehicle to the other without breaking stride.

The Power of Science merged with 30 plus years of hands on experience in Professional Detection has formed Tony’s method for building the systematic pattern for vehicles. While increasing Search and Hunt Behavior via hide placement will build a systematic search pattern for you and your dog which will increase not only your confidence in the vehicle element but will increase your success. No matter which configuration the vehicles are placed in the trial Tony’s method will have you “clear” the vehicle 100% the first time in return saving you valuable time. Wind, Starting line, vehicle placement, type of vehicle all of these items will be addressed to not only give you the skill to build a vehicle searching pup but done under a systematic pattern without crushing any hunt/searching behavior The Webinar will give you Theory( this is the science part) foundation to shape the pattern and then what Tony calls” “Immediate Action Drills”( this is police military experience) to cover all of them real time “what ifs” that are going to happen in trials and training. Tony’s Teaching/Training system is going to take your vehicles searches to the “Pronounced” Professional level of Performance.

Recording for Tony Gravley’s Jan 10 webinar ($25 USD)