Taking you and your dog to new heights!

Building Blocks of Nosework: Before Odor


Are you interested in Nosework but don’t know where to start?

Does odor handling and getting organized feel overwhelming?

Do you want to try Nosework but don’t want a big commitment?

Are you confused by all of the advice on the internet telling you how to start?

For Dogs of All Ages

Puppies can start the day you bring them home or get your Senior involved! Tires out puppies and enriches the lives of older dogs.

Easy to Train at Home

You can do nearly all of the work for this class at home. Perfect for busy owners or more sensitive dogs!

Learn the Science of Odor

This is not just a “how to” course.  You will learn the science behind how odor moves so that you can better understand how your dog works.

Seamless Transition to Essential Oils

If you get completely hooked (and you will!), my approach seamlessly transitions into an odor only training method.  Get comfortable with this sport BEFORE investing in odor!

This Six Week class is offered only once a year!

Registration Open NOW for December 1 Start

You, your dog, an inquiring mind and the start of a whole new world of opportunity. In this course you will learn the foundations of nosework even before you ever introduce odor. This course has been designed to perfectly position your dog to be able to leapfrog into the scenting world by providing skills, desire, confidence and motivation…. To the handler, this course provides the keys and knowledge to jumpstart into one of the fastest growing canine sports. This course requires little to no equipment, just a fascinated mind and the desire to do something fun with your best friend.

Did you know that your dog’s olfactory lobe is 1/8th of it’s brain? This course will let your canine partner USE his brain in ways that will stimulate, invigorate and enrich your dog’s life and ultimately your relationship with him.

At the same time you will learn how to prepare your dog or puppy so that when he DOES get on odor, everything will be easy…. He will already be ok working in new places. He will already be in the right arousal state. He will already know this his “special” routine. When you do introduce odor, after this course, the introduction will be seamless and easy… because you will have all the right FOUNDATIONS and CONCEPTS.

This course isn’t just about the dog…. It’s also about developing a strong and competent nosework handler. Handling in Nosework is a PARTNERSHIP. To be a good partner, you need to understand your dog’s nose and his scenting skills. You also need to have a good foundation in the science of scent. You need the basics of “reading your dog” and the basics of good handling. You will build all of these skills!

Whether your goal is to have an amazing competitive nosework dog, to build confidence or to just have some sniffing fun, this course is for you!

This course is suitable for all dogs and puppies of all ages. No prior scenting experience is necessary. Dogs who have been introduced to odor, but who need a little extra confidence may also benefit from this course. Quite simply, this course is not to be missed!

I can’t even describe how much I enjoyed this class! I’ve been wanting to start nosework for a while but didn’t really know how to go about it…this class provided the perfect foundation and introduced both me and my dog to the basics in a really fun and relaxed way. Stacy was an awesome instructor and gave lots of encouragement and advice to me and the other students. My dog had the best time and her reactivity has really improved since we started! Can’t wait to continue on to NW101. 

This class is a great first step if you’re just beginning in scent work whether you decide to compete or you just want something fun to do with your dog. It’s also a great class to take if you’ve done Nosework classes or competition and your dog has lost motivation and confidence. 

There are several methodologies of learning Nosework, and, as its benefits become better known, more dog owners will want to learn it. But you may as well learn Nosework from the best: Stacy Barnett! This was a magnificent, thorough course I can’t recommend more highly! 

Easy and Flexible

  • Six Weeks of Lectures that remain in your Library for at least a year!
  • Lectures are written with sample videos
  • Log in on YOUR TIME and learn at YOUR PACE
  • Class starts at only $65 for 6 weeks
  • Learn on the largest and most successful online dog training platform in the world (Fenzi Dog Sports Academy)

World Class Instruction

Stacy has trained all breeds all over the world in the sport of Nosework. She is the first handler to put the highest title (Summit) on three dogs.

Is this a "Food Searching" class?

You can either encourage your dog to search for food or their favorite toy. We amplify the value of the food or toy by adding Social Rewards.  This approach is MORE than just searching for food.

How does this class differ from others that search for food?

This is a holistic class that goes beyond your basic food hunting class.  We don’t search for hot dogs in boxes.  We immediately start to leverage the dog’s cognitive skills while reinforcing the fun of the HUNT.  This class also teaches about Scent Theory, Reading the Dog, and Basic Handling.

Can I get feedback or ask questions?

Absolutely!  There are three levels of registration.  Feedback is available at all sign-up levels.  Stacy is available for intensive feedback for Gold Level students. 

Can I preview a lecture?

Sure! Head on over to the registration page and check out the Sample Lecture!

Take this class and be ready to start introducing odor in February with

N101S: NW101 – Introduction to Nosework