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Do you want to fix your dog’s Box Antics?

Follow my training process as I retrain boxes with my exuberant Lab, Powder, for only $19.99!

You will have MEMBERS ONLY access to a private Facebook Group where I will post all of my training videos documenting my progress.

You can watch, ask questions, post your own progress, and train along with me!

(Video Review is not included)

Once you click Buy Now, you will get an email with a link to the Secret Facebook Group.  Click on the link in your email and Join!  It’s as simple as that.

This video is Powder at her recent NW2 in Meeker, CO.  Although we DID earn a “P” on this search, I really want to eliminate any foot action with containers.  Powder is a very high drive dog and I will be teaching her how to properly engage in and indicate on containers.

From at least September 7th to October 15th, 2020 I will be posting videos almost daily.  Videos will be from my actual training sessions.  I will attempt to explain WHAT I’m doing and WHY.  You may ask questions about my process.

If I fix her Containers prior to October 15th, I will continue her training with more advanced setups.  If I feel that her containers need more training in order to eliminate her box antics, I will extend the training time.

Feel free to train along with me and post your own progress videos!  (Folks may review each others videos however I will not be reviewing videos at this time.)

$19.99 is the fee to follow along for the entire duration!  The FB Group will remain available through the end of 2022.