Classes and Seminars

Classes are available online through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  Register online!  Classes run for 6 weeks.  I also teach LIVE classes out of several locations in NJ and PA.  Something for all levels of teams!

In Person Class Descriptions:

Intro to Nosework

Ready to learn about Nosework?  Students will get a solid foundation and dogs will learn a love of odor and of the hunt.  Birch will be introduced.  Work your way up from boxes to simple interior searches.

Intro to Elements

In this class your dog will get exposed to all elements (Containers, Interiors, Exteriors and Vehicles).  Basic skills will be covered with an emphasis on Confidence and Motivation.  Dogs will be introduced to Anise and Clove.  Preparations will begin for Odor Recognition Tests.  Some classes may be held off site.

NW1 Prep

This class will get you ready for NW1.  Students will prepare for Odor Recognition Tests and will work all four elements (Interiors, Exteriors, Containers, and Vehicles).  Advanced skills will be introduced.  Classes will include off site locations.

NW2 Prep

Learn the advanced skills of Nosework including distractions, inaccessible hides and elevation.  Emphasis will be on handling and generalizing key skills in preparation for NW2.  Class will include off site locations.

NW3 Prep

Get ready for the ins and outs of NW3.  Students will learn how to clear search areas with unknown number of hides.  Skills will include converging odor, inaccessible hides and elevation.  Classes will include off site locations.

Note about all classes:  Depending on the class, classes may stay at the same level for several sessions or more.  Students will stay with their "flights" unless moved to a more appropriate class as per their skill level.  Classes will progress based on the needs and appropriateness for the dogs.

2017 Seminars currently being planned for:

West Palm Beach, FL: Jan 28-29 2017
Santa Fe, NM: Feb 25-27 2017
Greenback, TN: Mar 8-12 2017
Victoria, BC: June 17-19 2017
Albany, OR (FDSA Camp): Jun 22-25 2017
San Diego, CA: Jul 7-9 2017
Stroudsburg, PA: Jul 29-30 2017 (AKC Seminar)
Durango, CO: Aug 11 - 13 (AKC Seminar)
Reno, NV Sept 7 - 10
Pocono Puppy Palooza Sept 23-24

2017 NACSW National Invitational: Nov 3-5 2017
Hollister, CA Nov 18-20 2017 (AKC Seminar)
Houston, TX Feb 16-18 2018
Reno, NV Mar 22-25 2018
Krakow, Poland Apr 6-8 2018
Helena, MT Apr 13-15 2018
Prescott, AZ May 4-5 2018 (AKC Seminar)
Moorpark, CA May 11-13 2018
Wilmington, OH (FDSA Camp) June 1-3 2018


Planned course listing available on the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy page:

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Contact me if you are interested in hosting me.  I’m extremely flexible and will modify and customize seminars to suit YOUR client base.  Coaching days are also available.


Path to Elite

NEW SEMINAR TOPIC!!  This seminar is focused on getting the NW3 team ready for Elite and on honing the skills of existing Elite teams.  Learn success criteria…. like Odor Obedience and Converging Odor and solve a series of puzzles aimed at building your team’s core skill set.  Boost your scores!!

Get Ready for AKC!

This seminar will cover more than just rules…. lots of practice!  Everything from Distractions to Buried Hides….  This is a new offering….  bound to be a good one!  (2 day seminar)

Developing your Trial IQ: Reading the Nosework Dog

What’s the biggest thing you can do to start qualifying and earning those P’s?  LEARN TO READ YOUR DOG.  In this seminar we will analyze different dogs during searches with an eye towards reading our own dogs.  Working dogs will be videoed for review during the seminar.  Learn to read your dog while executing various common scent puzzles.  This is a MUST ATTEND Seminar!

Scent Theory and Hide Design:

Learn the ins and outs of Scent Theory as it relates to hide design so that you can bring impact and power to your training sessions. Learn how to set up specific scenarios and puzzles to build your dog’s skills so you move you up the levels with ease. Work through a series of hide placements that will help you predict how the environment will have an impact on your dog’s performance. You will leave this seminar knowing how to gauge the challenges certain trial sites and situations offer and will understand why and how your dog is working particular searches.

Scent Puzzles:

Learn about some of the different puzzles that you might come across in trialing.  Come away with a clear understanding of how the scent behaves and how the scent conditions affect your dog’s search.  Stretch your skills!  Step up your game and work complicated scent puzzles designed to help hone your skills in preparation for the higher levels.  Scent theory and search strategy will be discussed.  Teams should have an NW1 title or equivalent and should be on all three odors.  Dogs must have experience sourcing multiple hides and inaccessible hides.

Element Elementals:

Explore all four elements and their challenges in this trial preparation seminar.  Have fun with different challenges that will stretch your capabilities.  Stacy will work on honing your handling so that you can go for those “P’s” and “Q’s”.  Each element will be presented with special challenges to work through in order to help you develop confidence and finesse.  There are no titling requirements for this seminar however dogs should be able to confidently work all four elements.

Confidence and Motivation:

Shore up your foundations with this seminar.  Learn about how arousal and emotion can contribute to your success and explore how to regulate them.  Practice exercises and situational hides to build team confidence and to get the dog “in drive”.  This seminar is especially useful for novice teams.

Rockin’ Vehicles and Awesome Exteriors:

Learn the secret sauce to Vehicles and Exteriors!  Explore and discuss scent theory and aerodynamics and how they apply to these two challenging elements.  Preliminary skills are covered and the teams are quickly moved into challenging scenarios.

Coaching Day:

Handler’s Choice!  Tack on a Coaching Day to your seminar or choose Coaching Only.  Suitable for levels Intro to Elite.  This is a VERY POPULAR option!!

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