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You can now purchase a Webinar recording!  Please note that any additional videos shown during the webinar (e.g., YouTube) are not recorded, however the video links are displayed so that you can still review them.  After payment is made, the link will be automatically sent to you.  If you don’t receive the link, please email Stacy using the Contact information on this website.  I’ll take care of it.  Most of all PLEASE DO NOT SHARE the links provided to you.

WEBINAR: Strengthening the Search Sequence. Tues Dec 12th 9:30 PM EST

Strengthening the dog's search is a matter of strengthening the individual components... The sum of the parts is the key to a stronger performance. Learn how to strengthen your dog's start line all the way to indication.

Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: Handling and Avoiding the False Alert. Thurs Dec 7th 9:30 PM EST

What about those False Alerts? What do you do when you get them and how do you avoid them in the first place? Learn strategies for training and interpretation of dog body language in order to avoid or handle that False Call.


Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: Search Patterns in Canine Scent Detection. Thurs Nov 9th 9:30 PM EST

Are you tired of getting comments on your score sheets regarding "Search Patterns"? Learn how to effectively apply both soft and intentional search patterns... when and how to use them to your advantage so that you can cover a search area quickly and effectively.


Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: Diagnosing Problems in Canine Scent Detection. Tues Oct 24th 9:30 PM EST

Having problems with your Nosework or Scent Work dog? Explore why these problems might occur so that they can be addressed. Is the problem your dog? Is it you? Is it the team? Understanding the source of problems is the first step towards fixing them!


Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: Personality Influences on Canine Search Styles. Thurs Oct 12th 9:30 PM EST

Have you ever wondered how your dog's personality plays into how he searches? Did you know that you can use knowledge of your dog's personality to get more "yes's" in competition and to better understand how to read your dog? This webinar explores personality influences and preferences in prey sequence in order to dissect and understand the search.

Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: The Highs and Lows of Elevation. Thurs Sept 21st 9:30 PM EST

Are your Highs not High enough?  Explore how to train for elevation including the highs and the lows.  Scent theory will also be explored as will knowing when to take your dog’s indication.  Don’t let these hides scare you… they are FUN and can be trained for progressively and systematically!


Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: The Ins and Outs of Elite.  Tues Sept 5th 9:30 PM EST

Are you an NW3 team looking to make that next leap and what to know what to expect or how to get there? Or are you an Elite team looking to boost your scores? Learn what it takes to be successful at the NACSW Elite Level. Learn the Ins and Outs of this very fun, exciting and sometimes exasperating level!

Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: Introduction to AKC Scent Work.  Thurs Aug 17th 9:30 PM EST

Interested in learning about the new venue for competitive scent detection? Get an introduction to rules (including a comparison with NACSW) and talk about the ins and outs of AKC Scent Work. Highlights to include distractions and buried hides! Get a leg up before trials start in October.

Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: Blank Rooms.  July 25th 9:30 PM EST

Does the idea of searching Blank Rooms in Nosework scare you? Do you know when to call Finish and avoid Blurt Alerts? Learn the ins and outs of searching blank rooms including training strategies so that you can conquer this trial scenario.


Webinar Replay: $25

WEBINAR: Building Odor Obedience.  July 13th 9:30 PM EST

Do you have a dog that does "drive by" alerts? Or perhaps you have a dog who would rather smell the roses... let's talk about how to build Odor Obedience... the key to Nosework!

NW3 Lumberton NC 01152017_0901-(ZF-5151-20679-1-004)

Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR: Working Distractions.  June 13th 9:30 PM EST

DISTRACTIONS!!! The word sends fear down the spine of every Nosework competitor... learn how to train for and conquer distractions! We will cover food, non-food, auditory, human, visual and mimic. Don't be afraid... be FEARLESS!!!

Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR: Preparing for Your First Nosework Trial.  June 8th 9:30 PM EST

Entering your first Nosework trial can be daunting! In this webinar we will cover entering a trial, preparing for a trial and talk about what you can expect when you get there! Trialing in Nosework is fun and exciting.... be prepared!

Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR: Successful Nosework Training Strategies.  May 11th 9:30 PM EST

Are you interested in learning how to be more effective in planning and executing your training sessions? Are you preparing for an important trial? Do you struggle to get from "here" to "there"? Learn how to structure your training sessions and to develop a training plan that will get you where you want to be!

Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR: Navigating NW3.  April 18th 9:30 PM EST

Learn the ins and outs of competing at the NW3 level... we will talk about mental management and what it takes to get through the day with "no no's". Learn training and trialing strategies that will help you be successful at this level.

Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR: Introduction to Scent Theory for Nosework.  March 20th 9:30 PM EST

Do you want to learn more about the science behind scent? If so, this webinar is for you! Learn how weather, structure and the environment changes the way the dog works odor. Why do you need to learn about Scent Theory? Scent Theory is foundational to being able to set good hides and to be able to be in the moment during a search in a trial. Stacy will guide you through the basics and then some in this informative webinar!


Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR:  Developing Motivation in the Nosework Dog.  March 4th 2:00 PM EST

Do you have a dog that is just not that motivated in the sport of Nosework? Learn how to diagnose and build motivation! Causes of motivation issues and resolutions will be discussed.

Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR: Developing Confidence in the Nosework Dog: February 13, 2017 9:30 PM EST

Does your dog lack confidence in Nosework?  This is the webinar for you…   This webinar will talk about how to get that timid dog out of his shell and loving the sport. Stacy's mantra is CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION, SKILLS and STAMINA... in that order! Let's learn together how to create a fabulous foundation. This webinar will address the green dog or the dog just getting trial ready. Although we won't discuss how to get a dog on odor initially, we WILL discuss the ways to make your dog successful.

Webinar Replay $25

WEBINAR: Introduction to Converging Odor.  January 26, 2017 9:30 PM EST 

Learn the basics of converging odor! We will cover basic Scent Theory, how a dog works through converging odor and how to start training for it. This is a must for anyone looking to build their dog's skills for more advanced Nosework trialing.

Webinar Replay: $25

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