Private Virtual Consults

As of mid-December, I am offering LIVE and PERSONAL private virtual consults.

What is a Private Virtual Consult?

It’s a web meeting!  We watch and review your videos together.  And…. it gets recorded so you can watch your consult over and over.  It’s a half hour dedicated to YOU and YOUR DOG.  It’s also private!  Only you and I will see the videos and resulting recording.

How does it work?

You schedule a time slot (half hour typically) with me directly.  Then you make payment (via PayPal link below) and email me YouTube links to your videos. You can set the videos to “Unlisted” so that they aren’t viewable by anyone who doesn’t have the link.  I will send you an invite to the web meeting with a link.  At the time of the meeting, you click on the link (no software downloads are required).  We talk directly and watch videos together.  After the consult, I will email you the recording so that you can watch it again.

How much does it cost?

I currently charge $75 for a 30 minute consult.  You can use this button to pay.  Yes!  I take PayPal.

Does the recording expire?

Nope!  You can watch as many times as you would like!

How many videos can we review?

It really depends on how long the videos are and what the issues are.  I would suggest starting with 2 or 3.  Remember, the more videos we watch, the less we can talk!  If you have a lot of videos I would suggest either setting up two sessions or scheduling 1 hour.

How can I contact you to set up a consult?

You can either contact me through my website or directly at

What types of videos can we review?

Anything!  It can be either a training video or a trial video!  Any venue is fine as I compete in most of them.


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