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WEBINAR: In Review: Books and Supplies for Canine Scent Detection.  Monday April 2 9:30 PM EST

Do you want a glimpse into my fabulous library? I'll be taking you on a tour of my favorite books AND my favorite supplies. We will be talking everything from books that you can geek out on to useful DIY YouTube resources for making those expensive toys, CHEAP! Maybe you're a shopaholic like me who is just itching to make sure you have everything nosework... or perhaps you are a bibliophile and you want to learn ALL THE THINGS... See you at In Review!

WEBINAR: How A Dog Searches - A Practical Exploration.  April 3 9:30 PM EST

Have you eve wondered how the element that you are searching affects HOW you dog searches? We can use this information to help us to make training and handling decisions. In this webinar we will explore how a dog's focus shifts and how they search in Containers, Interiors, Exteriors, Vehicles, Buried and Handler Discrimination (AKC style), the impact of searching vs. selection and arousal implications. This is a must have for all levels of teams!

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