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WEBINAR: Mastering Elevation in Training & Trialing, June 26 9:30 PM EST

Elevated hides are perhaps the most impressive hides a dog can source in trialing. Get started the right way and learn how to effectively train for high hides. We will cover ways to start elevation and when to reward in order to maximize motivation. We will also cover calling elevated hides in a trial situation. Can you tell the difference between an exploratory popup and a focused response? This webinar is a must for all training levels!

WEBINAR: Is your odor more valuable than CHICKEN?  Building Odor Obedience July 3 9:30 OPM EST

Odor Obedience is EVERYTHING! Learn how you can build it and maintain it... Here's a clue... it has NOTHING to do with the indication! It's all about value and motivation. We will talk about the building blocks of odor obedience as well as how to cultivate it. Make YOUR target odor more valuable than CHICKEN!

WEBINAR: Distractions don't have (Large) Scent Cones! Distractions in Nosework  July 10 9:30 PM EST

Distractions run rampant in Nosework! Learn how to manage your dog through intentional AND unintentional distractions in this webinar. We will even get a little geeky (of course) and explore what vapor pressure is and why it's important to the sport. Use this information in your next trial and be more prepared!

WEBINAR: 101 Uses for Metal Switch Boxes in Nosework July 17 9:30 PM EST

Metal switch boxes are the COOLEST tool in the Nosework toolbox. Did you know that you can fix box smashing, teach an indication and even teach Handler Scent Discrimination using this inexpensive little piece of equipment? This will be a how to webinar that will get you out buying switch boxes!

WEBINAR: Rules Rules Rules.... A venue comparison! July 24 9:30 PM EST

All those acronyms! NACSW, AKC, UKC, SDDA, PSD, etc... what are the differences? What do you need to train to play in them all? Decipher the mumbo-jumbo in this webinar! YES! They are all very different from rules to scoring styles.... learn them all! Be PREPARED!

WEBINAR: Building Confidence and Motivation in the Nosework Dog July 31 9:30 PM EST

Does your dog lack confidence or does he just need a little more umph? We are going to talk about the relationship between Confidence and Motivation and how to cultivate both. Don't keep training skills if you lack either of these critical foundations! Both of these qualities CAN be instilled in your dog. Learn how!


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