Upcoming Webinars

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WEBINAR: Diagnosing Problems in Canine Scent Detection. Tues Oct 24th 9:30 PM EST

Having problems with your Nosework or Scent Work dog? Explore why these problems might occur so that they can be addressed. Is the problem your dog? Is it you? Is it the team? Understanding the source of problems is the first step towards fixing them!

WEBINAR: Search Patterns in Canine Scent Detection. Thurs Nov 9th 9:30 PM EST

Are you tired of getting comments on your score sheets regarding "Search Patterns"? Learn how to effectively apply both soft and intentional search patterns... when and how to use them to your advantage so that you can cover a search area quickly and effectively.

WEBINAR: Handling and Avoiding the False Alert. Tues Dec 5th 9:30 PM EST

What about those False Alerts? What do you do when you get them and how do you avoid them in the first place? Learn strategies for training and interpretation of dog body language in order to avoid or handle that False Call.

WEBINAR: Strengthening the Search Sequence. Tues Dec 12th 9:30 PM EST

Strengthening the dog's search is a matter of strengthening the individual components... The sum of the parts is the key to a stronger performance. Learn how to strengthen your dog's start line all the way to indication.

WEBINAR: Box Smashers Anonymous. Thurs Dec 28th 9:30 PM EST

Box Antics!! Learn how to head box smashing off at the pass. Initial training and reformation will be discussed. Learn how to avoid box smashing and how to fix the issue once developed. Avoid those faults!!

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