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WEBINAR: Box Smashers Anonymous. Tues Jan 9th 9:30 PM EST

Box Antics!! Learn how to head box smashing off at the pass. Initial training and reformation will be discussed. Learn how to avoid box smashing and how to fix the issue once developed. Avoid those faults!!

WEBINAR: The Secret to Success in Scent Work: Working the Arousal Curve. Tues Jan 16th 9:30 PM EST

Ever wonder about drive and how to "get it"? Do you struggle with your low drive or your drive dog? Learns the ins and outs of arousal and how to manipulate it in order to have the optimal performance. This IS the Secret to Success! We will explore the Yerkes-Dodson Law and talk about how to make it work for us!

WEBINAR: The Science Behind Canine Olfaction and Learning. Tues Jan 23rd 9:30 PM EST

Are you curious about the science behind how a dog learns scent work?  How can we use science and learning theory with respect to olfaction in order to become more effective trainers?  What are the implications on common training methods?

WEBINAR: Mastering the Basics: Developing a Solid Foundation.  Tues Feb 6 9:30 PM EST

Building a solid scent work dog requires a good foundation. Delve into what that foundation needs to entail. Understand the skills and qualities that allow a team to progress up the levels in the sport of nosework! Eventual mastery requires a solid foundation. Start building yours now!

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