Epic Road Trip

I’m in the final stages of planning an EPIC Road trip!  Me and the kids (all 4 pups!) will be driving across country on a Nosework Extravaganza….  Picture this…. Competing, Teaching Seminars, Sightseeing, Teaching Private Lessons…. Does it get any better?

How lucky am I?

My trip will start on April 5 and will conclude on May 28!  Then a few days at home and off to FDSA Sports Camp in Wilmington OH the next weekend for more teaching and FUN!

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Here’s my detailed itinerary…. If you are interested in one of the seminars, you can find contact information on the Classes and Seminars page here on my website.  If you are interested in a private or to participate in a small clinic at one of my stops, please let me know and I’ll put you in contact with the right people!

My stops:

4/5 Leave NJ! ....stop in Akron to see Deb Jones if she's free!

4/6 AM Huntertown, IN (single private)

4/6 PM Joliet, IL (limited privates)

4/7-4/8: Joliet, IL (competing tentative, depends on getting into the trial)

4/9 Cedar Rapids, IA (privates AM, practice group with my kids in the PM)

4/10 Des Moines, IA (one private in AM)

4/10 Souix Falls, SD (privates PM)

4/12 Sightseeing…. Still picking destination!!

4/13-4/15: Helena, MT (seminar)

4/16 Spokane, WA (PM privates)

4/18 Elko, NV (half day of teaching)

4/20-4/22: Turner Trials in Pasadena, CA (competing)

- relaxing- !!!

4/27: Lake View Terrace, CA NACSW Elite (competing)

4/28-4/29: Pasadena, CA (seminar)

5/1 San Diego (privates)

5/3 Grand Canyon AM (sightseeing)

5/4-5/5: Prescott, AZ (seminar)

5/6: Prescott, AZ (judging)

5/7-5/8: Prescott, AZ (limited privates plus sightseeing)

5/9: St George UT (sightseeing plus mini clinic)

5/11-5/13: Moorpark, CA (seminar)

5/15: Santa Fe NM (full day of teaching)

5/16 Amarillo, TX (one private, then relaxing!)

5/18 St Louis AM (privates)

5/19-5/20: Louisville, KY (tentative, depends on where I trial this weekend)

5/22-5/23: St. Louis, MO (AKC Judging Seminar)

5/24: St. Louis, MO (competing)

5/26: Kingston, ON (competing)

5/27: Kingston, ON (seminar)

5/28 Back to NJ!

© Stacy Barnett 2015