What is Nosework?  Nosework is an exciting sport growing by leaps and bounds, modeled after real world substance detection.  In Nosework, your dog searches for essential oils, usually on a Qtip.  You may search inside buildings, out in the open, boxes and luggage and vehicles.  Every search is different and in competition times are tight!  Nosework is a sport that is for every dog and every handler.  It can focus hyper dogs and call the nervous dogs.  Nosework also has an amazing way of building a dog’s confidence.

Stacy Barnett, founder of Scentsabiities Nosework, is an avid and successful Nosework competitor and a talented instructor.  Stacy is available for online classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, seminars, online coaching and private lessons.  Stacy also teaches at several locations in NJ and PA.


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